Review: The Brothers Karamazov

Have you ever sat down and read a book and been blown away by its contents? The Brothers Karamazov was such a book for me. It dragged me into the lives of these men and made me ponder and question mysteries and truths of life. Definitely a roller coaster ride of a book. I started … Continue reading Review: The Brothers Karamazov


Review: Go Bravely

Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be by Emily Wilson Hussem My rating: 5 of 5 stars I follow Emily Wilson and am familiar with her and her outreach, so I was aware that she was Catholic and her book is Catholic. I've noticed a lot of reviews seem to have been … Continue reading Review: Go Bravely

Dispersing the Dark Cloud of Misunderstandings

An absent glance. A tired or careless voice. A sigh. A failure to make eye contact. A lack of enthusiasm. Impatience or frustration. Each and every one of these things can, and often does, initiate a misunderstanding. We have all been misunderstood by someone in doing these things ourselves or misunderstood someone else who did … Continue reading Dispersing the Dark Cloud of Misunderstandings