Review: Anne of the Island

Anne of the Island
Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of those timeless books that always has a new relevant message for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book because I’ve lost count. I read it so much as a girl and loved it dearly.

It’s been a few years since I last read it, and this time through I realized just how much Anne formed my own childhood. Anne made mistakes (pretty bad ones too!), she struggled, she loved, she lost. She has something in common with almost every young girl. And yet, she is an example for every young girl. She grew up to be such a faithful, honest, virtuous girl. She studied hard. She sought after her dreams and kept pushing toward them even when it was hard. She made great friends, offering them kindness, understanding, and love. Though she disliked people, she didn’t really speak harshly about them to others. In fact, she was the one who so often made excuses for people’s bad habits or behavior. She gave them the benefit of the doubt. Anne was a queen of grace and elegance, yet she was a queen who would tramp about the forests among the bugs and the heat to enjoy what nature had to share. She saw beauty in everything around her and had such a wonderful sense of optimism and joy. She truly is such a wonderful rolemodel.

The one thing I find her the best role model in though (at least this read through) is her journey to finding with whom she belonged. We all have dreams of what our “Mr. Right” will be like. We all have dreams of what love will be like. Anne shows us that sometimes “Mr. Right” isn’t who we imagined he’d be, and sometimes love isn’t as high and pompous as we dreamed. Sometimes “Mr. Right” is simply our good friend. Sometimes love is just a simple, yet oh-so-beautiful way of life, if we’d only take the time to see it that way.

This world has so much to tell us about “love”. About how it “should” be and how it shouldn’t be. About how it should feel, how the “right one” should look, and on and on. Books like this one remind us that what the world is talking about is often our dream. It’s a Roy Gardner with dashing dark hair, beautiful eyes, and romantic phrases. But when it comes down to it, love isn’t about dreams, it’s about realities. Dreams say Anne marries Roy. Dreams say Gilbert dies of “love” or lives into old age pining away. Dreams say that looks and feelings are what make love. Reality says that love is finding your best friend, someone you can’t live without. Reality says that Anne may have to face never marrying
Gilbert because she thought the dream of Roy was the reality of love. Dreams make the realities that we have beautiful, Anne taught us that well in the way she looked at every day things, but she also taught us that it is the reality that offers us the chance of dreams, not the dreams that offer us chances at reality. We can’t mix up order of the two.

Honestly, I think there are certain books that belong in a home in which girls reside and this series is one of them. It truly teaches them and gives them gentle advice about how to live and live well.

Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity!

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