Review: Go Bravely

Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to BeGo Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be by Emily Wilson Hussem

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I follow Emily Wilson and am familiar with her and her outreach, so I was aware that she was Catholic and her book is Catholic. I’ve noticed a lot of reviews seem to have been written by folks who weren’t aware that this book was written by a Catholic and so is written from a Catholic point of view. This review is written by a Catholic who was aware that this book was written from the Catholic prospective.

This book is such a nice little read. Each chapter focuses on a different topic and ends with a “Take Action” part. It would be a great book to use as a guide to growing in virtue, focusing on one chapter a day or a week.

I thought I’d heard it all before, honestly. But Emily brings in a new focus and a new outlook that I hadn’t heard before. Her honesty in the trials she faced and the conversions and challenges she undertook was inspiring.

The one part of the book that stood out most to me was the part which she challenged women to love themselves. To be able to understand themselves and appreciate themselves for who they are.

Really you should just read the book for yourself! It’s a short little read and very delightful and inspiring. She has down to earth, good advice and her own actions are great examples of her words in action. I can see how it might be harder to read her book if you aren’t Catholic, but that shouldn’t prevent you from reading it! She truly is trying to empower women and that shouldn’t mean that her beliefs as a Catholic should prevent truths about womanhood from being spread to the world. I don’t remember any parts that were explicitly Catholic, to be honest, but I am Catholic myself, so those parts simply could have passed me by. Just, don’t NOT read it because she’s Catholic. When I finished reading I didn’t think: wow, my Catholic faith has been so changed and confirmed and etc. etc. What I took from the book was the uplifting of women, the uplifting of myself as a woman. The truths and the advice she gives should really be common truths which anyone could be able to learn from and use to build themselves and other women up.

Thank you for this wonderful little book, Mrs. Wilson Hussem!

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