Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.

~St. Pope John Paul II

My name is Therese May. I’m a writer and a reader, which is why I made this blog.

‘Wait, that really doesn’t explain why,’ you say. Let me share a little more in explanation.

I am a young woman trying to forge my way through this confusing life. I was bombarded with lies and with immorality. In the midst of all the evil though, I found a source of truth, a source of good, of morality.

My faith brought me together with other young women of the same mind as me. This connection blessed me in so many different ways. It helped me realize that novels, magazines, TV shows, and movies often lie. It helped me avoid those lies.

The world tells us young women that love is this fuzzy feeling that, when found, makes life’s problems melt away. They tell us that we have to have “perfect” bodies in order to gain that love, in order to be “happy”.

As I strengthened my faith, I started to see through the lies. My insecurity started disappearing. The fears, the worries, the not-good-enough’s, the can’t-be’s, all these struggles-these chains that held me-started to break away. My journey is by no means easier (sometimes it seems harder), it simply is now enlightened by truth.

I grew, but I still fail again and again. I turn away from the truth and start wandering toward the lies, only to remember the good path and turn back to it. Hence, my path weaves endlessly on.

Over the years I realized that my love of reading made my life adventure more difficult. Some of you may ask why, others already know the answer.

The fiction stories published these days don’t hold the values and don’t tell the truths that I hold and believe. So, eventually, I came to the conclusion that if I couldn’t find a story I loved at least I could create it.

This introduced me to the idea of writing in general.

While I am pursuing writing short stories and novels on the side, this blog was made firstly, so that I could pursue another type of writing: meditations, thoughts, etc. pertaining to faith and life. It was made secondly, so that I could hopefully connect with others searching for clean, good stories.

Being the reader that I am, I have lists of good books I can share. I am hoping that I can reach others and share those lists while growing my own list.

So! If you’re looking for anything pertaining to writing or books, look under my “Ramblings” tab. If you’re looking for some thoughts on faith and life matters, look under my “Jots” tab. I hope you find something to grab your interest.

Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity! (Another great quote from St. Pope John Paul II…)

Carpe veritatem.