Review: Jenni James Short(er) Stories

Since Mrs. James stories are so short I thought I would write a general review of all her stories that I have read rather than a detailed review of each book. As is claimed in the description of her books, her books are clean. They don't contain any steamy "romance" or inappropriate descriptions, etc. That … Continue reading Review: Jenni James Short(er) Stories


What Do You Have Right Now?

Originally written: February 26, 2015 I went to a talk today given by a young man who's been through a lot. Since the age of 18, he has experienced constant pain behind his eyes. He's been to 60 or more doctors...and they still don't know the exact cause of his pain. He's grown through this … Continue reading What Do You Have Right Now?

Dispersing the Dark Cloud of Misunderstandings

An absent glance. A tired or careless voice. A sigh. A failure to make eye contact. A lack of enthusiasm. Impatience or frustration. Each and every one of these things can, and often does, initiate a misunderstanding. We have all been misunderstood by someone in doing these things ourselves or misunderstood someone else who did … Continue reading Dispersing the Dark Cloud of Misunderstandings